Introducing Exilis

September 9, 2013

Exilis is an FDA-approved, nonsurgical cosmetic treatment system that uses radiofrequency energy to reduce fat in targeted areas of the body and tighten loose, sagging skin for an enhanced aesthetic appearance. During treatment, the Exilis handpiece is moved over the targeted area to heat fat cells and as a result reduce the circumference of the area. Once the fat is removed, the skin has a tendency to droop without its previous support. The Exilis treatment stimulates circulation and the growth of new skin cells to produce a slimmer contour and younger-looking appearance with no need for additional treatments.

There is no anesthesia or incisions required with Exilis treatments, and patients can return to their regular activities right away. Most patients can achieve noticeable results after a series of four treatment sessions spaced two weeks apart. Each session takes about 20 minutes to perform in the doctor's office. Patient satisfaction for the Exilis treatment is generally high, as it provides effective results in a safe, painless and convenient procedure.


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