Non-Invasive Procedures

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels | Laser Hair Removal | Louisville KYChemical peels utilize the application of a solution to the skin in order to produce smoother, even-colored skin and eliminate or minimize the more 

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IPL Skin Treatments

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments rejuvenate the skin by reversing signs of sun damage such as age spots and broken capillaries. These gentle, non-invasive treatments counter the effects of photoaging to produce younger-looking, revitalized skin.

Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women

Hair follicles can be effectively targeted by various lasers, destroying them and removing unwanted hair. Multiple treatments are necessary for optimal results. Until now, the only permanent way to remove hair has been electrolysis (which can be painful, time-consuming and is limited to small cosmetic areas). Laser hair removal safely removes unwanted body hair for both men and women without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin. Areas treated include the face, neck, back, chest, abdomen, arms, legs and bikini line.


Rejuvapen is a handheld roller instrument that has tiny, densely packed needles affixed to it to provide micro-needling treatment. The needles make minuscule paths into the layers of the skin and spur collagen production. These micro-wounds stimulate the body to develop more elastin and collagen to initiate repair, which causes the regeneration of skin cells. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, various types of scars, sun damage and dilated facial capillaries.

Rejuvapen offers certain benefits over other types of micro-needling instruments because it features multiple settings. This gives your physician more control over the penetration depth, so the device can be focused on the surface layer of the skin to best absorb topical medication or it can reach a deeper layer to boost collagen levels. The Rejuvapen also is designed with much thinner, more closely spaced needles than other similar devices, making it a more effective option... read more

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